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Hayat Osamah


Multidisciplinary artist, Hayat Osamah was part of Intermix residency’s second program. Discover more about her work in this interview.


Photo : Self portrait

Meet Hayat, a talented fashion photographer born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1993. Growing up in Jeddah and later moving to Riyadh, she discovered her passion for photography at the age of 16, when she purchased her first “point and shoot” digital camera. Over the years, she honed her skills and developed her unique vision, using film photography as a way to document the diverse world around her.

Her work has been featured in major publications such as Vogue, GQ Middle East, and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. She was selected as a speaker for the Ministry of Culture’s Fashion Futures platform in 2019, part of an artistic program in AlUla in 2022.  From photography to film, Hayat explores new horizons with textile art during her residency at Intermix in 2023.

– Can you present yourself briefly, what is your story ?

My name is Hayat Osamah, and I am a self-taught multidisciplinary artist. I am primarily passionate about fashion photography, as well as the creation of experimental and performance short films. My work is often influenced by my interest in textile experiments, and my ultimate goal is to continually push boundaries within the realm of visual arts.

– How would you define your practice ? 

My artistic practice is experimental and lies at the intersection of various visual mediums. I work with both analogue and digital media to explore different forms of expression. My subjects are often inspired by nature, human behavior, and my personal experiences, which serve as a wellspring for my ideas and works.

My ultimate goal is to continue growing and evolving as an artist and exploring new possibilities while staying true to my vision and values.

“I wanted to surround myself with individuals who could inspire and motivate me to push beyond my comfort zone and venture into uncharted territory.”

Intermix Residency________________________

– Your where part of the second edition of Intermix, why apply to this particular residency, what were you looking froward to ?

When I applied to the Intermix program, I was seeking an opportunity to challenge myself and elevate my artistic practice to new heights. I saw the program as a chance to connect with other artists who share my passion for experimentation and exploration. I wanted to surround myself with individuals who could inspire and motivate me to push beyond my comfort zone and venture into uncharted territory.

My experience in the program was not disappointing; I was able to collaborate with creatives from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, which broadened my creative perspective and challenged me to think differently. The program provided an environment of creative exchange and peer learning, which allowed me to gain new insights and refine my artistic vision. It was a transformative experience that helped me to grow and evolve as an artist.

– How was your experience at  Wendy Andreu’s workshop ?

The workshop with Wendy Andreu was a profound experience that pushed me beyond my creative limits. Through her mentorship, I was able to embrace new tools and techniques, experiment with my hands, and gain a deeper understanding of the power of tactile exploration. It was a challenging but necessary journey that has contributed greatly to my artistic practice.

Open Studios ________________________

– After a few months at Intermix, an open studio was organised for visitors to discover your works, what did you decide to show ?

At the open studio, I presented a series of works imbued with a deep sense of intentionality and collaboration with my chemist sister. Titled “I’ve Settled in the Midst of Your Physical Memory”, the pieces were created using biodegradable materials as a contemplative reminder of our transient existence on earth.

Through our art, we sought to encourage reflection on our role in shaping the natural world and evoke a sense of reverence for its beauty and fragility. The exhibition became a space for meaningful exchanges of ideas and perspectives, reaffirming my belief that art has the ability to inspire and transform.

Each piece invited the viewer to engage deeply with the themes of environmental consciousness, impermanence and the temporality of all things. As i look to the future, it is my hope that the contemplative nature of these works will awaken the spirit of wonder and contemplation in all who encounter them.

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